About me

Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Orit Hertz, I’m European Master Florist. A designer using flowers as my primary medium, and I run a school teaching design and flower arrangement. 

Flowers have always been my great love. I love the beauty, the colors, the vitality, the joy they always seem to create, and their wonderful scents.

From the age of 8, I can remember dreaming of one day working with flowers. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was crystal clear- I wanted to own a flower shop!

When pregnant with Itamar, my firstborn, I decided to leave High Tech and connect to what I truly loved.

I got a diploma in flower arrangement at the British Institute and was taught by the one and only, my beloved teacher, wonderful lady, and guru in the flower world. The one who taught me the secrets of the profession; the one that supported, encouraged and believed in me -Gina Eting, rest her soul.

As well, lately I have completed my European Master Florist with EMC program.

Excitement and unexplainable happiness overwhelmed me in her classes. I knew, from those sessions, that it was time to make a serious change in my career.

When I turned 31, my partner Nimrod surprised me with a studio. He gave me his blessing to start on my new career.

I abandoned High Tech for good and connected to my soul; I connected to the wonderful world of flowers.

The first 5 years I spent in flower arrangements – mainly weddings, business events and designing bridal bouquets.

Every morning I would get up with a sense of excitement and joy at the thought of making people happy with my floral skills and through the gift I had received.

In addition, I started taking more courses all over the country – on event design and flower arrangement.

The Orit Hertz School of Design and Flower Arrangement opened in 2009 to offer professional level courses on flower arrangement at the highest level, in a pastoral setting and for small, intimate groups.

Teaching and passing my knowledge to others fills me with joy and a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

Giving of yourself and training a new generation of talented designers is truly exciting.

In my courses and workshops my students learn how to connect the flowers to their authentic inner world and to arrange them in order to create stirring works of art that hold great meaning to their creators.

In 2012, I brought together the world of fashion design and flowers and fell head over heels in love with the idea and the concepts I had created.

To explore and express your inner feelings, your dreams and imagination in a purely artistic way is a wonderful and breathtaking experience that I simply don’t have the words to convey to you. Perhaps words were not meant to define and confine such emotions.

To see photographs and read stories of my designs you are invited to my BLOG.

 Wishing all of us great days,

 Orit Hertz