Batya Narunsky – Final Floral Design Project

In the moments of silence

Meet Batya Narunsky, graduated our floral design school – floral design beginers and advance classes.

Lately Batya graduated our advance floral design class and here is her final project.

Who am I?

"My name is Batya Narunsky. I was born in South Africa and made Aliya together with my husband and children five years ago.
While aliya has not always been easy, I am truly grateful to be here and count my blessings every day.

I have always felt most at peace in nature and continuously marvel at Hashems’ glorious world. I feel that working with flowers has opened up a whole new world for me, giving me the ability to express myself in a language that needs no words.

The concept and central idea

In the past, I believed that in order to feel worthy I needed to be constantly busy. I would spend most of my day filling it up with things to do distracting myself from myself.
Life was always busy, productive and full of noise.
Over the years I have come to appreciate the “moments of silence”  where I get to listen to my innermost thoughts and get in touch with my emotions.
It is in these “moments of silence” that I am able to gain clarity and understanding of any given situation.

Choice of flowers and materials used

I decided that a hanging arrangement would truly give expression to the way I feel.
It is suspended with chains. The chains represent the connection that I have to family and friends. It also represents the things that hold me back  and shackle me.

I used the branches as they represent the different circumstances and challenges at any given time some positive some negative.
The branches are flexible representing an attitude of adaptability and resilience.

I chose the flowers as a way to express the  emotions that flow freely in that quiet space.
The flowers all vary  in size to express the intensity of the emotions and thoughts  at any given time.

Red anthuriums : passion, love, anger  and pain.

Blue delphiniums: calm, serenity, tranquility, oneness, transparency and contentment.

 Orange Ornithogalum: The orange represent – connection, acceptance, gratitude and self actualization

Yellow Craspedia:  The yellow is there to represent hope, faith, happiness and independence". 

Batya experience at our floral design school:

"It has truly been a privilege to be a part of Orit Hertz school of flowers. I have learned so much from Orit, Eti and Erica.
I have been surrounded by amazing people in my course  who inspire me to want to be and do more".

Photography: Lina Miara

On a Personal Note:
Dear Batya,
Your project is beautiful.
You have chosen to express your feelings along the way and through wonderful and accurate techniques and very intersting color combination and textures.
Thank you for the privilege of knowing you, a very special woman with inner peace, wonderful personality and talent.
Wishing you many years of liberation, enjoyment, growth and only good.
Yours with love,

השארת תגובה