Alumni Testimonies – Galit Amitai

Winning combination of Agronomy and the world of floral event design

Meet Galit Amitai from Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel. Galit holds a BA in Plant Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot, Hebrew University. She is the owner of “Galita – Floral Design” – designing private and business events, bridal bouquets and freelance floral event design. Galit is a graduate of the advanced floral arrangement course and has taken part in one-time enrichment workshops.

Galit tells us about herself and her business
“My love for nature and the plant world was born from the family experiences that my parents and my dear family gave me.This love led me on a journey through my undergraduate studies in plant sciences. Since my studies I have been working for 10 years as an Agronomist specializing in growing trees and ornamental plants. Along the way, I enjoyed exploring and learning about a new area in the flora. Inevitably, my way led me to further my knowledge in floral arrangement; a wonderful world of beauty which I discover every day anew.
I started studying floral design with Orit Hertz – my dear teacher, who opened up a whole world of beauty and creativity for me . Recently I have been discovering more and more how the background I come from, the plant world, and the world of floral design enrich and complement each other. A couple of years ago, I enrolled in the Orit Hertz School of Flowers. As the flowers filled my life more and more, I decided to continue with an advanced flower arrangement course, and since then I have been involved in the field and I am in constant self-realization.
Orit, beyond being a professional and amazing teacher, has a winning personality. She is a teacher for life, capable of making you believe in your abilities. The experience of learning with Orit was a great gift that I gave myself and thanks to her, I got to meet amazing women, each of which is a gift in itself. What I enjoy most in the profession of floristry is the great privilege of “touching” people’s celebrations and fulfilling their dreams. In the world of design, the sky is the limit and as a designer, I discovered my ability to “leave a mark” by means of special and unique events that are woven into the dreams and wishes of the clients.
My dream is to always enjoy my work, create and dream about events. I want to continue to develop professionally in the field, innovate and challenge myself with new materials and new techniques and work as a leading event designer bringing something different and unique to my customers. In another year I see myself as a designer of unique and varied events, involved in daily activities that bring me joy, creating events in a variety of places throughout the country – from the beaches, vineyards, hills, forests. Designing events that are all about flowers, fun and creativity.

On a personal note:
Dear Galit,
I am so lucky that I got to meet you and your charming,special and talented personality. It excites me and makes me happy to see you in the creative process and the way you chose to connect the flora you live in to the world of design and wonderful flowers and in this way you continue your family’s love for nature and plants. I wish and hope that you will succeed in your future endeavors and that you will continue to create new dreams in this wonderful world and realize them. I love you very much and wish you enjoyment in all that you do, creativity and prosperity in your personal and business life.
Yours with love,

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“גליתא עיצוב בפרחים – Galita Flowers”

Photography:Idit Vehaadasha
Photography:Tal Bedrack
Photography:Tal Bedrack

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