My floral story by Orit Hertz – blooming out of the ashes

October 7, 2023 Attempting to bloom out of the ashes  🩸

Telling my story through the world of flowers, through my art. 

Out of the fire, out of our hugh tragedy, we will build and grow a new life. 

We, the Israelis people were born to create life, to worship life.

A floral design that was built on a wooden base.

On this wooden base, I arranged coals that constitute the form.

I inserted wooden roots between the cols to convey a sense of burning boughs.

My agenda most of the time – minimum is maximum.

In this design I used few types of botanicals to convey my message. 

Philodendron, dry Tulip, Tillandsia, Astilbe, Epiphyllum and Dalechampia.

I am proud to be an Israeli 🇮🇱

#talkingthrougflowers #Flowersarecomforting

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