Natalie Sadik – Final Floral Design Project

Dancing Through Life

Meet Natalie Sadik, a graduate of the beginners and advanced flower arrangement courses.
Natalie recently completed an advanced flower arrangement course and presented her graduation project.
Natalie’s Story:
“The theme of my final project focuses on love, growth and flow. As a child I grew up into the world of dance. Ever since, every emotion I have experienced has been expressed through movement.
Dance, for me, is a symbol of happiness, liberation, lightness, self-love, freedom, flow and growth.
Two years ago, I started to have leg infections and when they got worse I had to stop dancing in the studio.
This was a difficult task that taught me something else in life.
I learned to look at life as a dance. Dance not as a ballet dancer, but as a person who dances with life through the happy and complex things and learn about myself on the way. Through this struggle of not being able to actively dance as I’d use to,I learned the meaning of dancing with life – releasing and flowing with things that we have no control over. I discovered the way of coping that sometimes when we release, things come better than we expected to happen.
In the process of preparing my final project, I dealt with situations that did not work out the way I had imagined or wanted.
Here too, I understood that the project and this experience began with a specific goal and ended with another result.
A process that teaches me that our goals at the beginning of the process are not necessarily the conclusions we will reach in the end. Therefore, we must simply release and flow.
The next sentence has followed me for many years. It’s a line that has great meaning and that teaches us to enter into everything with an open heart, as that is the only way to enjoy and fulfill every moment in the world:
“After all, only an open heart allows you to float freely across the universe”
The raw materials and flowers I used:
Raw materials: Wood construct.
Among the flowers I used were:  Chrysanthemum Kermit, Carnations, Roses, Cinderella, Crespidia.
I used a variety of flowers to express myself.
Every flower symbolizes things and periods that we go through in life as we learn to shape ourselves and deal with any situation.
I used roses in the center of the arrangement to express  softness.
Center = heart. Everything I do, I choose to do with my heart.
Each of the colors in the design (white, green, yellow, peach and orange) symbolize something else for me.
Green symbolizes growth, balance and renewal, white symbolizes purity and honesty, yellow symbolizes joy, peach symbolizes tenderness and softness, and orange symbolizes energy and flexibility.
I think and believe that every color selected for this project was chosen as a result of optimism. Both the colors and the flowers give us a sense of something pure and special but sometimes we do not know how to get what we want or expect because it comes in a different way from the thought itself.
Natalie’s Personal Reflection on the Course:
“The experience of learning at Orit’s school is an experience I’ve never had in my life. Although I cannot dance in the studio anymore, my heart dances through flowers. The flowers have opened up another world and this has filled the void. Every technique taught me something new about myself. I learned to be more tolerant when the direction of a flower does not work for me, to flow with my creativity and not to expect something specific because in the end everything is beautiful in the flower world.Every moment of floral design is filled with pleasure because each flower, like humans, has its own identity and uniqueness. Orit was a very big part of this process.Her presence and direction made it very personal for me. For me, this experience brought order and calm into my world. I learned a lot about myself during the course. I was proud of every design I made.
This course was one of the best and most meaningful things I have done for myself.”

Orit Hertz Floral Design School - Natalie Sadik Final Project

Photography: Hadas Hernes

On a Personal Note:
Dear Natalie,
It was a pleasure to see you throughout the courses.
Your creativity, the beautiful and precise work and your wonderful results.
Your final project clearly shows the release and enjoyment you had through creating. This is expressed in the figure, the colors and in the selection of your flowers.
One of the most prominent things that moved me when we spoke a day before submitting the project, and it’s exactly what you wrote here, is the understanding that sometimes when we allow ourselves to flow with life and the design process, we surprise ourselves by learning along the way and enjoying the wonderful outcome.
I love and wish you success in the world of flowers and in general.

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