My love affair with Orchid

Orchids have always fascinated and beguiled me. I remember, as an 8 year old, I would see Orchids and I would melt from excitement.

There’s something about the shape of the flower, its texture and wide range of colors that had me spellbound. Even then I realized it was my dream to work with flowers and to get to know Orchids from up close.

Over the past few years I’ve immersed myself even more into the world of Orchids and got to know new varieties and strains. These only grabbed by curiosity and led me to incorporate them as an integral and indispensable part of my styling repertoire.

I started to incorporate them in special events, as bridal bouquets and more…

As one who is constantly challenging herself to go further and explore new fields, I understood that it was time and that I was ready to express myself in a completely new way.

My love of styling and fashion led me to start imagining the flowers in a unique and wonderful fashion line-up.

I started to turn my imagination to reality by drawing various sketches, and slowly, over time, I started designing sketches of dresses and accessories that were created entirely of flowers. Very quickly the sketches came to life and became the Orchid dress, jewelry and various accessories. The styling work I carried out was both challenging and at the same time, enjoyable and rewarding.

I worked with a large selection of Orchids, and learned to recognize the sturdier flowers, which types harmoniously blend together and how much creativity and beauty they can help me achieve.

I want to share with you pictures from my very first career production which took place in 2013. It’s my fashion production which incorporates numerous Orchid strains and hybrids.

The very talented people that took part in this production were –

Flower arrangement assistant: Bat Sheva Shafdov

Photography: Shay Kedem

Model: Gal Barak

Make-up: Orit Visel

Hair design: Omai Shitrit

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