Arbor Day Floral Design Photo Shoot With Lovely Malca

Personal Inner and Outer Growth

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting an angel. I met her through a beloved client who is also a friend.
Malca and her sad expression touched my heart and ever since has become like a sister to me.
I have always believed that flowers heal. They heal the heart and the soul. They bring light into our lives with all their goodness.
Recently I asked Malca to participate in a floral design photo shoot that would reflect her inner and outer beauty that is so evident to us all. With all of life’s uncertainties, she had forgotten herself for a moment.
The day of the photo shoot timed perfectly with the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat – Arbor Day; the holiday of blossoms; a day that was filled with floral design, photography and an internal journey of growth.
I chose cheerful colors for Malca filled with the light that I wish for this amazing woman.
Dear Malca I love you very much and thank you for spending this wonderful and powerful day with me. 

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עיצוב פרחים לט"ו בשבט - צמיחה אישית פנימית
עיצובי פרחים

Photography: Orit Hertz

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