Vered Eliyahu – Floral Design Final Project

Family Strength

Meet Vered Eliyahu, a graduate of the beginners and advanced courses.
Vered is 46 years old, married with three boys and is a civil servant. Vered decided to dedicate her final project to the subject of “Family Strength”
Vered: “The objective of my project is to show in its base the strength of our family’s life experience despite the hardships we have endured.”

Materials Used:
“The colors I chose were light blue to represent the sky and that is the limit to our development and growth together as a family and as individuals. The brown tones are to represent the warmth between us. The green is for the optimism and despite it all we stand in strength on the ground. Pink is for optimism.
The curly willow represents the connection between the twins. The nails are for the injections that they need to survive and the rose petals represent their blood.
The small glass ball reflects my youngest son’s sensitivity and fragility. The pair of succulents inside symbolizes his astrological sign, Gemini.”

Vered’s Reflections on the Course:
“The advanced course was a challenge for me and an answer to the emotional needs that I face in my life. The flowers and content Orit chose for us in the course were an inseparable part of the pure enjoyment and continuous learning, and enriched me with strength and development.”

“Dear Orit, I believe that creation and emotion are the beauty of the work that you relay to us and that they blend with the amazing emotions you have.”“Thank you for your patience, dedication, generosity and tips for fruitful and fascinating learning.In connecting to you, I have earned a professional teacher, an amazing girlfriend and I have also had the pleasure to meet the wonderful group you chose for all of us. As far as I am concerned, this is not goodbye.”

orit hertz - floral design school - vered eliyahu final project advanced class
קורס שזירת פרחים מתקדמות - פרויקט סיום ורד אליהו

Photography: Hadas Hernes

On a Personal Note…
Dear Vered,
When I met you in the beginners course, I met a charming, soft-spoken woman. Yet behind all of that quiet all it took was one smile to see a powerful woman full of good and a huge love for the world of flowers. In the advanced course while brainstorming ideas for your project, I knew you’d choose to express a personal story and turn it into something powerful and moving. Your project is so lovely; From your choice in flowers, their texture and the raw materials you used. Using nails to represent difficult paths, the red rose petals and the glass bubble full of hope was magical.
It was so nice watching you as you entered into this challenge, to observe your professionalism and also on a personal level. Most of all I was moved at how you enjoyed devoting yourself to this project and its results.
It was a pleasure meeting you and knowing this is a connection for years to come.
With love and appreciation,

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  1. Simran Ahuja Reply

    It is well said that ” Where does the flower bloom so does the hope”. The perfect relation between family and flowers you have shown in a unique way. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. Keep blogging and keep blooming!!

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