Zohar Sharabi – Final Floral Design Project

Pain and Joy

Meet Zohar Sharabi, a graduate of the beginners and advanced floral design courses.
Zohar is very fond of the world of design and studied Plant Sciences and Biotechnology in the Faculty of Agriculture.
Zohar dreams of making the world a better place by developing plant based medication.

For her final project,Zohar chose to express her feelings through the flowers.
“I chose to base my project on the two emotions that are with me every day; pain and joy.”
I chose to display each emotion separately, giving each one its own place of importance, and the state of utopia they represent when they are together in my life – serenity and balance,” says Zohar.
Zohar spent hours planning, choosing the right materials to relay her exact message, preparing and arranging the flowers into special floral jewelry; each with a strong message.
The result – A wonderful and special creation that expresses her inner emotions.

More from Zohar – “Thank you wonderful Orit who brought light into my life by exposing me to the wonderful world of floral design and providing me with the tools that enable me to realize my wildest thoughts and create from my soul and emotions.
Thanks to Yuval Katz for amazing photos and for the happiness she brought into my life.
Last but certainly not least, to the most charming model I could’ve asked for, Tut Maharam.”


Orit Hertz Floral Design School - Zohar Sharabi Final Project

Photography: Yuval Katz

On a Personal Note…
Beloved Zohar,
I am so lucky for having you as a student and as an assistant in my school. You have so much talent, intelligence, sensitivity, love and ability.
Your final project touched my soul. You moved me to tears. Thank you very much. Wishing us many years of continued development together, and wishing you a bounty of goodness in everything you do.

Much love,


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