Pninit Navon-Sinai – Final Floral Design Project

Memory Fragments

Meet Pninit Navon Sinai, 37, a graduate of the beginners and advanced floral design course flower arrangements.

Pninit’s Story:
“We all know that there is a direct connection between memory and emotion.
Most of us have a tendency to remember events of emotional significance.
These events arise in a variety of different situations and awaken within us an array of emotions. In my project, I chose to concentrate on my memories.
Those memories that I am flooded with evoke feelings of joy, anger, understanding, pain, acceptance, sadness, love and more …..
The memories reflect who I am and are an integral part of me.
Those fragments of memory are what shaped my personality and made me the person I am today. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. 
The flowers I selected reflect my memories and my feelings – dark, bright, pleasant flowers, some of them even prickly and rough. I chose to create a design element to be worn on my head, the place where the memory process and emotions take place; The place where memories and feelings come together.
Pninit’s Personal Reflections on the Course:
“I enjoyed every minute!! I came to learn the art of floral design as well as many of the techniques that I used in the project. I soon realized that dealing with flowers is so much more than learning a technique.”
“With the help of Orit and her sensitivity and subtleties, I blossomed and underwent an empowering process.
I would take this course and undergo this wonderful process again.”

Pninit Navon Final Project

Photography: Hadar Hernes

On a Personal Note…
Beloved Pninit,
A project like yours can only be descirbed as pure joy!
From the start I saw how much power, emotion, love, creativity and beauty you contain; An inner and outer beauty that came into being and came out into the world in this beautiful final project – “memory fragments”.
Realizing your idea and choosing the flowers and colors you have chosen has brought about beautiful design.
Wishing you will continue creating memories and magical moments in the world of flowers and overall!
With love and appreciation,

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